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About Me
About Me

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The photo fun keeps on going! Meet Emaleigh.

JHP Intern


My Assistant

Yep, I've got a partner in crime. Meet Beth.

A seeker of all of the beauty in life, I am constantly intrigued by the new people I meet and the breathtaking events I get to photograph. A beautiful picture is more than visually pleasing, it warms the soul- evokes an emotion or a memory. It's timeless in it's appearance and it's purpose. I love being challenged each day to capture the individuality of every person I work with, and to create an image that speak volumes to them and will only gain more value with age. I feel so lucky to be able to capture the way faces light up with laughter or the split-second glances couples share that emit every ounce of their love for each other. When I first started shooting, I pursued it merely as a hobby, having received my first camera for a birthday present. It quickly turned into a passion, a thrill I couldn't pass up. I love living in the moment, and with being able to photograph people allows me to share a special moment with them that they will have forever. It's an artistic expression that allows me to mirror their happiness and return it in a priceless and personal nostalgic piece.
Never having questioned my decision about my future, I graduated college with a Journalism degree, enjoyed the pat on the back from my family, and then picked up my camera throughly enthused to be let loose to work toward creating my own photography business. I did it :) and I am so appreciative and blessed to be able to do what I love every single day.
I'm looking forward to the road ahead, all the unique events I will be able to capture, and the awesome people I will be able to meet. I'm laid back and a free spirit- so I'm sure we'll get along just fine :) I'd love to meet you.. feel free to email or call me for any information about photo sessions or for just a good conversation.

Hi : ) I'm Jessie.

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